2014 Freaks 'N Cleats Champions
7/23/2014 1:23 PM

As the Calvert Hall 7v7 team quickly lined up in a spread formation and were getting ready to snap the ball into play, the referees yelled loudly 'LAST PLAY!'  The clock was running down on what had been a very competitive 7v7 game between Calvert Hall and the Northwest Jags.  Northwest, who had been down most of the game pulled ahead 11-10 with 40 seconds left when Mark Pierce threw a bullet to a wide open Jamar Wilson in the middle of the endzone.  The Jags had been down to Calvert Hall 10-0 early in the game but came storming back late in the game with a Davino Frazier interception (3 points) and a TD reception by Troy Lefeged. 

So it all came down to one play.  Both teams had struggled to get into the endzone throughout the game due to very disciplined and physical defensive play.  As Calvert Hall came to the line everyone in the stadium anticipated QB Kenji Bahar would throw the ball in the direction of four star WR Lawrence Cager.  The 6'5 Cager holds over 40 offers including offers from Alabama and Ohio State.  Fortunately for the Jags Cager was blanketed the entire game by CB Martin Foray.  The 5'10 Foray only allowed 3 receptions in 9 games on the day and wasn't about to allow a fourth.  Foray jammed Cager hard at the line and forced him into the sideline as the ball was thrown high into the air toward the back corner of the endzone.  As the ball came down another flash flew into picture as safety Troy Lefeged knocked Cager a few yards outside the endzone and eliminated any chance of Cager catching the ball inbounds.  The ball bounced off of the pile of bodies and fell harmlessly to the ground.  The Jags sideline erupted and everyone ran onto the field celebrating the last second victory.

Unfortunately for the Jags the celebration was short lived as the referees called pass interference on the Jags giving Calvert Hall one more opportunity to win the game.  Calvert Hall snapped the ball and decided to again go to their star Cager, and Foray was up to the challenge.  Foray pressed Cager hard at the line of scrimmage and forced him into the sideline.  Foray then continued pressing Cager into the sideline and easily swatted the ball away as it fell to the ground.  The Jags sideline erupted again and poured onto the field celebrating the final victory of an undefeated 2014 7v7 season and winning the 2014 Towson University Freaks 'N Cleats Tournament.

During round robin play the Jags defeated Bowie, Poly Tech (DE), Paint Branch and Friendly.  In tournament single-elimination play the Jags defeated C.S. Dorchester, Dulaney, Meade and Arundel before facing Calvert Hall in the Championship game.  The Jags 7v7 team finished 2014 a perfect 30-0.  

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