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Rasheed Gillis intercepts a pass in the 2nd overtime to seal the win for Maryland over Pennsylvania in 2OT's 31-24.  <a href="Photo.aspx?photoId=131982&">&nbsp;Rate &amp; Comment</a>
Rasheed Gillis, Josh Gills and Samer Manna recently participated in the Big 33, helping Maryland defeat Pennsylvania in 2OT's 31-24.  <a href="Photo.aspx?photoId=131981&">&nbsp;Rate &amp; Comment</a>
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Matt Watson makes a big catch and run against Suitland in the 4A State Championship at M&T Bank Stadium<a href="Photo.aspx?photoId=106608&">&nbsp;Rate &amp; Comment</a>
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Northwest Rising - MrChuckKnoxx
#1 Jamar Wilson - Junior Highlights (Class of 2014)
Samer Manna - Senior Highlights (Class of 2014)
Rodney Snider - Senior Highlights (Class of 2014)
2012 under Armour Sevens Tournament
Northwest's Rasheed Gillis and Family, a Journey Together
Author: WUSA9 - Dave Owens GERMANTOWN, Md. (WUSA 9) -- Life is good for Rasheed Gillis, a young man defined by four things: friends, football, a state championship and
Northwest wins second state football title
Author: by Eric Goldwein -
After a long season and an exhausting championship run, senior Rasheed Gillis still isn’t sure about his primary position on Northwest High School’s football team. Not that he, nor any of his Northwest teammates, care what position they play — as lo
Northwest Cornerback Backs up his Prediction
Author: by Dan Feldman
Martin Foray wanted to play soccer when he enrolled at Northwest High School as a freshman last year. That was the sport he’d played growing up in Liberia, and he says he’s pretty good. But he didn’t have a physical on record in time for tryouts. S
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